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February is the month of love, and with the month of love comes self-care and romance. The team at Artisan’s Rejuvenation Med Spa is here to help you look and feel your best right before a big date, party or a romantic night in.


Female Rejuvenation

This is a breakthrough, clinically proven, safe and effective treatment to help women increase stimulation, lubrication and overall sexual wellness without the use of any drugs or surgery.

This treatment uses the medically proven technique of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy. PRP involves separating the healing or “growth factors” in your blood from the blood cells, and then re-injecting that super-charged plasma back into your body.

Benefits for women receiving this treatment include:

• Enhanced intimacy

• Increased desire

• Improved feminine sensation

• An all-natural way to reduce the symptoms of stress incontinence without prescription drugs or surgical procedures


For more information, schedule an appointment with our resident feminine rejuvenation expert, Ellie Mae Ferris.


Male Rejuvenation

This simple, nonsurgical treatment is designed to help men with sexual problems. It uses the growth factors a man has in his own body to naturally stimulate penis rejuvenation.

The entire process takes about 15 minutes and is done in the room with the patient.

Did you know that erectile dysfunction affects nearly half of men by age 40? This treatment can help manage the effects of aging, with effects lasting over a year.

Benefits for men receiving this treatment include:

• Increased blood flow and circulation, improving complete erections

• Improved sexual capabilities

• Increased sexual stamina

• Increased sensation and pleasure during intercourse


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What is Forma?
Forma uses radio-frequency technology to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your epidermis. Radio-frequency energy will stimulate the formation of new collagen and improve skin elasticity for long-lasting improvement.

How does Forma work?
Forma was developed based on the clinical success of the proprietary A.C.E. (Acquire, Control, Extend) technology. A.C.E. technology uses radio-frequency energy to target deep layers of the skin, with no area being under or over treated. This ensures maximum and consistent results.

Is Forma for me?
Forma is suitable for all skin types and is appropriate for individuals seeking a non-invasive and a natural-looking approach to improvements in skin tone and texture irregularities. Patients have reported that their skin feels smoother and more defined, and has a reduction in wrinkles.

What areas can be treated?

Forma can be used on both the face and body. Commonly treated areas on the face include: forehead, crow’s feet, undereyes, nasolabial folds, jowls, smile lines and neck. On the body, popular treatments consist of the arms (bat wings), abdomen and other areas that may need contraction.


Will it hurt?

Forma is an essentially painless procedure with no downtime due to its precise technology and deep-layer targeting of the skin. Slight redness in the treatment area is common post-procedure, which subsides within a few hours.


See you soon at Artisan's Rejuvenation Med Spa!

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